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A suite of powerful tools designed to help you focus on what really matters—getting into medical school and succeeding while you’re there.

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Go into the MCAT with the confidence you need to succeed.

Arm yourself with essential information about the MCAT, what makes it so challenging, and how you should study for it. Know what will be included on the test (and what won’t be) so you can avoid surprises, make the most of your study time, and put yourself in a position to get the best possible score.

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  • Details on all 4 sections of the MCAT
  • Answers to all your MCAT-related questions
  • Determine your unique study style


Get all the essential info on every Canadian med school—all in one place.

Avoid the hassle of searching med school websites for details about costs, requirements, and open seats—we’ve done all the research for you, consolidated the data, and made it easy to navigate so you can quickly find out everything you need to know about the med schools you’re considering.
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  • All 17 Canadian med schools
  • Detailed program requirements
  • Application process breakdown


Answer a few simple questions to find out where you’re eligible to apply, and what you might be missing to qualify.

From exam results and pre-reqs, to where you live and what languages you speak, Assess looks at your qualifications from every angle to match you with the programs that are best suited for you.

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  • Find out where you qualify
  • Find out what you’re missing
  • Find out how to apply


Find the confidence you need to ace your interviews and get accepted.

You have the grades, you’ve met the qualifications, and now you’ve been invited for an interview—now it’s time to make sure you’re ready to make the best impression. Get a clear sense of different interview formats, different assessment styles, how to best prepare, and how coaching services can help push you over the top.

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  • Understand different interview types
  • Understand assessment styles
  • Access coaching services


News, insights, and real-life stories from students and physicians just like you.

Magazine gives you a quick escape from your rounds with stories that will inspire, give you confidence, make you think twice, surprise you, and, most importantly, help you deliver on the best version of yourself.

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  • Original content for doctors, by doctors
  • Today’s most talked-about issues
  • New content added regularly

Specialty Navigator

Compare, contrast, and find out which specialty is right for you.

Get a clear sense of what your different career options look like: how easy (or hard) it will be to find a job, what kind of salary you can expect to make in a specific province, how much time you’ll spend caring directly for patients, and even what the age and gender breakdowns in each specialty are.

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  • Select from more than 30 specialties
  • Detailed statistics
  • Salary information

Residency Guide

Get all the details about what life as a medical resident in Canada is actually like.

Med school is over, residency begins, and you’re about to get paid. But how much? What costs are covered by your residency association? And what isn’t? All the questions you have about residencies – how they work, what you have to do, and what you’ll get in return – are answered here.

Sample image of the Residency Guide section on the onboardMD app


  • Snapshot view of your 1st year’s pay
  • Health benefit details
  • Annual fees

Fast, easy, peace of mind

Get started on your med school student line of credit in under 7 minutes with onboardMD.

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Everything you need to start, build, and navigate your career as a Canadian physician.

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