Where Canada’s next generation of doctors start their careers.

So, you’re one of those people who actually reads the About page—cool!


A Little Bit About Us

The onboardMD platform was created by a small working group of dreamers, designers and researchers at MD Financial Management. We were formed to answer a question, and that question was a simple one: how can we help med students and young doctors be more successful?

We knew, from talking with young physicians, that one of the hardest parts of applying to med school was how scattered the information was. Application info for schools across Canada – due dates, fees, requirements, etc. – was available online, but it was located on different sites, on different pages, in different formats. And that added a whole extra layer of unnecessary stress to the process of applying to med school. So, our initial goal was to see if we could get all that information in one place.

And we did it! We called it Browse, and since it launched in mid-2017, it has helped countless students find the program that is right for them (without all that unnecessary stress).

And, like most good solutions, it led to a bunch of good questions:

Was there a way we could help students manage their applications by showing them a calendar of important dates? Could we help them quickly see where they were eligible to apply? Could we give them a bird’s-eye view of their journey through med school?

Over the past few years, we have developed tools to answer those questions—and much more. This is how the onboardMD platform has evolved into what it is today. And it continues to evolve. Because we continue to have conversations with med students and young physicians who, at new and different phases of their journeys, find themselves facing new and different challenges. These conversations aren’t just happening online; through onboardMD, students and young physicians are able to connect directly with MD Financial Management’s expert team of early-career advisors, where they can get ongoing first-person advice about how to manage all the unique facets of their medical careers.

Looking forward

Our approach has always been to serve the next generation of Canadian medical professionals, and, since our launch, our community has grown to include thousands of users across the country – not to mention everyone we’ve met at conferences and other events – all of whom are helping to guide us forward.

Throughout all of this, we have remained an intimate working group of dreamers, designers and researchers that are passionate about helping Canadian physicians. And we are still driven by that fundamental first question: how can we help med students and young doctors be more successful? And we’re still working hard (like, right now, as you’re reading this) to find more and better answers.

onboardMD.com is owned and operated by MD Financial Management. For more information about MD, check out md.ca.