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Your journey in medicine starts here.

One platform with everything you need to start, build, and navigate your career as a Canadian physician.

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Learning Tools

Browse schools

Get a comprehensive view of Canada’s medical schools, compare them, and find the program that’s perfect for you.

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Assess your chances

Answer a few questions to find out where you’re eligible to apply, what you’re missing, and where you’ll shine.

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Find your specialty

Compare more than 30 specialties on a wide range of criteria including competitiveness, salary, and work-life balance.

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Get Financial Advice

You may not know our advisors (yet), but they know what you’re going through. From getting your first student loan to managing your student debt, our team of can help you build a financial plan that will give you peace of mind.

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All your deadlines in one place.

There are too many deadlines to meet and way too many websites to check—so we’ve put them all in one place for you. Timeline gives you a single view of all your deadlines at every stage of your journey.

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A big-picture view of your career.

Journey gives you a point-form overview of your entire medical career—past, present, and future. From pre-med to practice, it highlights key milestones, events, and requirements to help you understand what it takes to become a physician.

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Why join onboardMD?


There are 17 med schools in Canada—and they all have different requirements. We can help you navigate and compare each of them.


Only about 20% of med student applications get accepted. We can help you become part of that exclusive group.


Tuition alone can cost you up to $100,000—and you still have a life to live outside the classroom. We can help you make sense of your finances.

Fast, easy, peace of mind

Get started on your med school student line of credit in under 7 minutes with onboardMD.

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Everything you need to start, build, and navigate your career as a Canadian physician.

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